The Online Rummy Game Free Play Winning Formula Revealed

Learn how winnings are calculated in various rummy formats – Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy. Understand the formulas for determining your winnings and how Rummy come into play.

Aug-29, 2023



Online Rummy game free play stands as a classic card game that engages players using two decks of cards, complete with a total of two Jokers. The game's objective revolves around achieving victory by making a valid declaration through the strategic process of drawing and discarding cards from two distinct piles. One of these piles is known as the "closed deck," where players pick cards blindly, without knowing the specific card they're selecting. The other pile, the "open deck," originates from cards previously discarded by players.

To secure a win in the online Rummy game free play, participants must skillfully arrange their cards into valid sequences and sets. The cards within each suit follow a specific ranking order, commencing with the Ace, followed by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and culminating with the King. In terms of points, Ace, Jack, Queen, and King each carry a value of 10 points. Conversely, the remaining cards hold a point value equivalent to their face value – for instance, a 5 card corresponds to 5 points, and so on.

The Objective of Rummy

The main goal in the of online Rummy game free play is to organize the 13 cards you're dealt into valid sets and sequences. To secure victory, you must create at least 2 sequences, with one of them being a "pure sequence." The other sequence or sets you form can be of any valid combination. It's worth noting that without a pure sequence, your Rummy card game free online declaration isn't considered valid. This rule holds significant importance in the game.

How to Form Sequences?

Creating Sequences in online Rummy game free play, a sequence comprises three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. This grouping comes in two variations: the pure sequence and the impure sequence. To master your Rummy card game free online, it's vital to possess at least one pure sequence within your set of cards. Pure Sequence Defined A pure sequence encompasses three or more cards of the same suit, neatly arranged in consecutive order. The key distinction here is that no Jokers or wild cards can be utilized when forming a pure sequence in cards game online free rummy.

Pure Sequences

5♥ 6♥ 7♥ (A pristine sequence featuring three cards, free from the influence of Jokers or wild cards.) 3♠ 4♠ 5♠ 6♠ (A four-card pure sequence, demonstrating that no Jokers or wild cards are necessary.) Impure Sequence Explained In contrast, an impure sequence involves three or more cards of the same suit. However, this time, one or more Joker cards are introduced into the mix to complete the sequence.

Impure Sequences

6♦ 7♦ Q♠ 9♦ (In this scenario, Q♠ serves as a wild Joker, cleverly standing in for 8♦ to establish an impure sequence.) 5♠ Q♥ 7♠ 8♠ PJ (An impure sequence example where Q♥ is designated as the wild joker, assuming the role of 6♠. Additionally, the Printed Joker replaces 9♠.)

Understanding these sequence dynamics is pivotal for a successful run in the cards game online free rummy.

How to Form Sets?

Crafting Sets in Rummy In the realm of rummy, a set takes shape when you gather three or more cards sharing the same value, yet originating from distinct suits. The beauty of forming sets lies in the fact that both wild cards and Jokers can come into play during this process.

Examples of sets

  1. A♥ A♣ A♦ (A set showcasing different suits but featuring matching Aces, hence forming a valid set.)
  2. 8♦ 8♣ 8♠ 8♥ (A rummy set blossoms, uniting four 8 cards originating from diverse suits.)
  3. 9♦ Q♠ 9♠ 9♥ (Here, Q♠ takes on the role of a wild Joker to replace 9♣, thus successfully forming a set.)
  4. 5♦ 5♣ 5♠ PJ (A set coalesces through the assistance of a Printed Joker, substituting for 5♥.)
  5. 5♦ 5♣ Q♠ PJ (This instance sees the utilization of Q♠ as a wild joker in place of 5♠, complemented by the Printed Joker in lieu of 5♥.)
  6. 5♦ 5♣ PJ Q♥ Q♠ (A set of 5 cards materializes with the help of a Printed Joker, alongside Q♥ and Q♠ as wild jokers, effectively replacing 5♠, 5♥, and another wild joker Q♠, culminating in a comprehensive 13-card arrangement.)

Illustrative Scenario: 2♥ 3♥ 4♥ 5♥| 5♣ 6♣ 7♣ 8♣ | 5♦ 5♣ PJ Q♥ Q♠ (A set of 5 cards is orchestrated to achieve a harmonious grouping of 13 cards, warranting a valid declaration) Please Note: The pivotal rule is to assemble a set with cards of the same value but diverse suits. Incorporating two or more cards from the same suit is deemed an invalid declaration. Additionally, it's crucial to recognize that a set can extend beyond four cards. In case a set comprises four cards and is supplemented by an extra Joker, the resulting five-card ensemble remains valid. However, it's important to uphold the limit of 13 cards in your hand at all times.

Examples of invalid set

  1. Q♥ Q♥ Q♦ (Two Qs from the same suit, ♥, render this set invalid.)
  2. 7♠ 7♥ 7♦ 7♠ Q♥ (Although the wild card Q♥ qualifies as the fifth card, the presence of two 7 spades from the same suit deems this arrangement invalid.)

How To Play Rummy Card Game?

A Guide to how to play rummy game online Navigate the journey of playing rummy smoothly by following these uncomplicated rules and guidelines, leading you through the entire game:

  1. Players: Engage in the rummy card game with a group of 2 to 6 participants, utilizing 2 decks of cards. Each player receives a hand of 13 cards. A random card is designated as the game's wild joker or joker card.
  2. Formation of Sets and Sequences: Your objective is to draw and discard cards, expertly assembling valid sets and sequences from the 13 cards in your possession. Don't forget – you can employ the wild joker or printed joker from the deck to craft impure sequences and sets.
  3. Decoding the Indian Rummy Rules: As per the regulations of Indian rummy, once you manage to arrange your 13 cards into 2 valid sequences, with at least 1 sequence being a pure one, and additional groupings of sequences or sets, you're primed to declare victory and emerge triumphant in the game.

How to Play Rummy Game Online to Win

Mastering cards game online free rummy involves not only understanding its rules but also playing strategically and attentively. Here are some quick tips how to play rummy game online to winning and outshining your opponents:

  1. Start Strong: Kick off by crafting a pure sequence right from the outset. Remember, a valid declaration necessitates a pure sequence in your arsenal.
  2. Manage High-Point Cards: Keep a watchful eye on high-point cards like Ace, Jack, Queen, and King. Swap them with Jokers or Wild Cards to alleviate your points burden – a useful tactic if the game doesn't sway in your favor.
  3. Strategic Discarding: Minimize picking from the discard pile whenever possible. This preserves the secrecy of your intended hand arrangement from discerning opponents.
  4. Spot Smart Card Opportunities: Be on the lookout for versatile cards like the 7 of any suits. This card can harmoniously connect with both the 5 and 6 of the same suits, as well as the 8 and 9 of those suits.
  5. Exploit Jokers Wisely: Make the most of Jokers to replace high-value cards, lightening your card load. Remember, however, that Jokers and wild cards cannot stand in for a pure sequence.
  6. Precision in Declaration: When the time comes to declare, exercise caution. Double-check your cards before hitting that button. An erroneous declaration can abruptly shift a promising victory into a disappointing defeat.

Common Terms Used in Cards Game Online Free Rummy

Familiarize yourself with these essential terms from the realm of Indian Rummy before you embark on your playing journey.

• Understanding the Rummy Table A rummy table serves as the designated arena for playing the game. It accommodates a range of two to six players in each round of the game.

• Joker and Wild Cards Explained Within every online Rummy game free play deck, you'll encounter two distinctive types of cards: the Printed Joker and the Wild Card. These cards hold identical functions in the game's dynamics. Their purpose revolves around aiding in the creation of sets and impure sequences. A Joker card effectively stands in for a specific number, contributing to the construction of groups. This practice is entirely valid within the framework of the rummy card game free online.

• Draw and Discard Mechanism In the realm of all rummy card game free online, every player is initially dealt a hand of 13 cards. Alongside this, there exist 2 stacks from which players can pick cards, engaging in what is known as drawing a card. Once a card is drawn, a corresponding card from the player's hand must be discarded, a process aptly labeled as "discarding."

• Arranging Cards At the outset of the game, a practice known as sorting of cards takes place. This involves organizing your cards systematically, aiding in the formation of sets and sequences while minimizing the chances of card confusion. Once the cards are visibly arranged, a simple tap on the Sort button equips you to commence your gameplay.

• What is a Drop? In the realm of rummy, a "drop" occurs when a player opts to exit the game table either at the beginning or during the course of the game. This choice signifies a personal decision to withdraw from the ongoing game. Each drop is associated with a specific point value: the first drop carries 20 points, a middle drop entails 40 points, and the final drop holds the maximum point deduction of 80 points. In the context of Pool rummy, if a player chooses to drop in a 101-point pool game, the resulting score amounts to 20 points. For a 201-point pool rummy game, the drop score stands at 25 points. It's worth noting that in scenarios where the game operates on a "best of 2" or "best of 3" format, the concept of dropping is not applicable.

• Cash Tournaments Cash tournaments stand as competitions where participants engage with Real Cash and vie for Real Cash Prizes (in INR). These tournaments operate around the clock, utilizing a knock-out style format. To participate in any of these cash games, players are required to fund their Deccan rummy online cash game accounts with actual cash.

• Participating in a Tournament To join a tournament, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the 'Tournaments' section located in the top navigation panel.
  2. Choose the specific type of tournament you intend to play.
  3. In the Tournament List, explore the available Open tournaments.
  4. Opt for any desired Open tournament you'd like to join.
  5. Finally, click on the prominent "Join This Tournament" button that's flashing under the Tournament Details.

• Understanding Invalid Declaration In the context of how to play rummy game online, an invalid declaration arises when a player activates the Declaration button, but the cards held by the player do not form valid sequences and sets. Consequently, this leads to the player's defeat, and their opponent is automatically announced as the winner.

Wrong Declaration with Invalid Sets

Example 1: 10♠ 10♠ 10♦ 10♣ Q♥ A set in rummy card game free online must consist of cards with the same face value but different suits. In this instance, although the Wild Joker (Queen of Hearts) was included as the fifth card – which is permissible – the set contains 2 cards of the same suit, rendering it an incorrect declaration. Example 2: K♥ K♥ K♦ While the set has the minimum required number of cards (3), it violates the rule that cards within a set must share the same face value but belong to distinct suits. Having two cards of the same suit within the set makes this declaration incorrect.

Wrong Declaration with Invalid Sequences

Example 1: 10♠ 10♥ 10♦ 10♣ | 5♠ 5♥ 5♦ | 6♠ 6♥ 6♣ | 9♥ 9♦ Joker A valid declaration mandates 2 sequences, including one pure sequence without jokers. The given example, however, lacks any sequence, resulting in an invalid declaration. Example 2: K♥ K♠ K♦ | 6♥ 7♥ Joker | 9♠ 10♠ J♠ Joker | 5♠ 5♥ 5♦ Although this example features 2 sequences, both are impure sequences with jokers, failing to meet the requirement of having a pure sequence before making a declaration. Example 3: Q♥ Q♠ Q♦ | 6♥ 7♥ 8♥ 9♥ | 5♠ 5♥ 5♦ | 10♠ 10♥ 10♦ In this case, there are sequences present, but the necessary pure sequence is absent, making the declaration invalid.

Handy Directions to Follow While Declaring With 13 Cards:


How The Points Are Calculated as Per Indian Online Real Cash Rummy Game Rules?

Let us look how points calculation is done, when you are playing online real cash rummy game.


Losing Player Points


Examples of Points Calculation with Winning Amount

Example: Table of 6 Players (Wild Joker Q♦)


How Are Your Winnings Calculated in Online Real Cash Rummy game?

Ultimately, the thrill of online Rummy game free play culminates in seeing your victorious cash amount credited to your account. It's vital to gain a clear comprehension of how these calculations materialize and contribute to the sum showcased on your Dashboard. Let's delve into how these calculations transpire, ensuring you're well-equipped to engage in online real cash Rummy game.

A. Calculating Winnings in Points Rummy

In points rummy cash games, the gameplay is based on a predetermined rupee value. The game's winner claims the total cash amount lost by the other players. The calculation follows this formula: Winning Cash = (Total Points of Opponents) x (Rupee Value of Each Point) - Deccan rummy online cash game Fee

Example: Consider 6 players engaging in a points rummy cash game on a table with an amount of Rs. 860 and a point value of Rs. 4. Among these players, 1 emerges as the winner while the rest lose, accumulating points of 45, 78, 23, 20, and 40 respectively. The winnings are computed as: 4 x (45 + 78 + 23 + 20 + 40) = Rs. 824 Following the deduction of the Deccan rummy online cash game fee, this amount will reflect in the player's account.

B. Winnings Calculation in Pool Rummy

In pool rummy, the winnings are calculated as: Winnings = (Entry Fee) x (Number of Players) - Deccan rummy online cash game Fees

Example: For a pool online real cash Rummy game with an entry fee of Rs. 50 and 5 participating players, the prize pool becomes Rs. 250. The winner's earnings are derived as: Rs. 50 x 5 = Rs. 250 After deducting the Deccan rummy online cash game fees, this amount is credited to the winner's account.

C. Determining Winnings in Deals Rummy

Deals rummy features the winner claiming all the chips by the end of each deal. The winnings calculation is straightforward: Winnings = Sum of Points of All Opponents (assuming each chip equals one point)

Example: In a scenario with 6 players, player 5 declares their hand in a deal’s cards game online free rummy. The remaining four players accumulate points of 10, 20, 30, 35, and 40 respectively. The winner's chips are calculated as 10 + 20 + 30 + 35 + 40 = 135 chips.

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